Benefits & Design

2021.10.30 / by Felicia Hsu

In this page, we explore 8 benefits of investment casting first.
It is important to Survex’s customers to know how it can be choice for high-precision quality components.
Finally, we recommend some design guideline to help you design components suitable for investment casting.
It will help you save production time and cost.

8 Benefits of Investment casting

01 Complex And Intricate Shape

One of the most benefits in investment casting is complex and intricate design, even this component with internal shape.

stainless steel (1) chemical industry
(2) oil industry
(3) beverage
(4) medical and dental
carbon steel bolt, shafts, pins,
alloy steel (1) automotive industry
(2) aircraft components
(3) gear parts
tool steel high duty cutting tools

02 Wide Range Material

Investment casting offers the widest selection of alloy choices in all manufacturing fields. 
A wide variety of materials such as both ferrous and non-ferrous can be used in investment casting.
Ferrous and non-ferrous can be used in different filed.
Means the investment casting components can be used in many filed.
If you would like more information, please refer to our Material Chart.

Tolerance Level
investment casting CT 4~6
sand casting CT 11~14
die casting CT 6~8
< according to ISO 8062 >

03 Good Tolerance Level

Compared to other manufacturing processes, investment casting can meet good tolerance level CT4~6, which can avoid further machining.
In Survex, the dimension tolerance can be ±0.5-1.0%.
For more detailed information, please refer to our Tolerance Chart.

  Minimum Maximum
Weight 2g 10Kg
Size 200mm 700mm
Thickness 0.5mm 6mm

04 Customizable Size And No Quantity Limitation

Size from small to big, weight from 2g to 10kg, quantity from small to large, all can produce by investment casting.
In Survex, the largest component that we can make is 40kg/pc.

  Surface Roughness
investment casting Ra 1.6~3.2
sand casting Ra 12.5~25
forging Ra 3.2~12.5

05 Superior Surface Finish

Parts with exceptional surface finish could be made directly by investment casting compared with other technology.
The finish that can be achieved from investment casting is Ra1.6~3.2.
If needs, our machining and surface treatment capabilities allow us to produce components with even finer surface finishes.


06 Groove And Logo Can Be Casted

Parts with thin groove, knurl or thin wall can be casted by investment casting directly.
Also, logo can cast on the exterior surface of the product.
It increases product value.


07 Closer Net Shapes

Investment casting is more suitable to make the net shape parts.Some of metals are either very difficult to machine or almost impossible to machine economically.
For these reasons, investment casting is the preferred process of choice for many products.
It can reduce the weight of parts greatly and without lost any extra materials especially in high valuable materials.


08 Combined Different Parts In One Body

Compared with other process such as process, parts can be cast as a single piece by investment casting without assembly.
It could reduce cost, processing steps and improve a mechanical character.

The following design guidelines are recommended for investment casting.


A radius of 1.5 to 3 mm is preferable


In general, emboss letters are recommended in investment casting.


Even though the deboss letter can be made by investment casting, emboss letter is prefered.



Even though sharp corner can be made by this method, generous radii 1.5 to 3 mm are preferred.

Complex Internal Shapes

Soluble wax cores or ceramic cores can be used to achieve the production of complex internal shapes.


In general, blind holes are not recommended for lost wax casting.