2022.06.23 / by Felicia Hsu

Good day.
In this page, we would like to introduce advantage in MIM.


1 Complex & Intricate Shaped

MIM is suitable for small, complex and intricate shapes components.
Eliminating or minimizes machining.

2 Cost Efficient

Net-shape manufacture with minimal material waste.
Especially in high cost material.

Big Size 100g
Small Size 0.1g

3 Small Size

MIM is particularly beneficial for parts that are too small or too detailed to machine out of bar stock.
Especially in weight between 0.1 and 100 grams.

4 Good For Environment

Compare to other process, MIM doesn’t cut away existing metal.
It uses only the amount of materials that is necessary to create the product.
Nothing is wasted.

Dimension (mm) Tolerance
≦1.2 ±0.015
1.2~2.5 ±0.02
2.5~6.3 ±0.03
6.3~12.5 ±0.04
12.5~25 ±0.05
25~50 ±0.125
50~75 ±0.25

5 Excellent Dimension Accuracy

Dimension accuracy in MIM is ±0.5%.